Located on the Jutland peninsula in Southeast Denmark, the Municipality of Vejle is the sixth largest in the country (population: 110,000), and the capital of Region South Denmark. “Vejle…Making things happen” sum up Vejle’s vision. To efficiently deliver services, the municipality employs over 12,000 workers, and operates on an annual budget of ca. € 724 million. Embracing the opportunities and challenges of globalization, the municipality developed an international strategy, working with international institutions and organizations to share experiences and learn from colleagues abroad. This becomes all the more important for municipal workers as Vejle is a member of Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Network, where Vejle is the only Scandinavian city represented. Our vision is to transform Vejle into a smart, resilient city, providing world class service to its residents. Vejle addresses and copes with the challenges of the 21st century through a strategic, innovative approach to development. To survive global challenges and preserve the residents’ living standards, new methods are constantly developed and tested to transform Vejle into a smart city that rationalizes the use of digital solutions for its services. The past 3 years Vejle was partner in the EuropeAid project LADDER-Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising awareness, working with creating ties between the local authorities and civil society in order to work for sustainable development.