laşi County Council


laşi County is located in the North-Eastern Romania, at the eastern border of the EU, neighbouring the Republic of Moldova. It has 0.93 million inhabitants: 48.38% in the urban area and 51.62% in the rural area, in 5,476 km² total surface. Administrative structure: 2 municipalities (Iași and Pașcani), 3 towns and 93 communes. Its main industries are: IT, software & electronics, automotive, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, metallurgy & heavy-equipment manufacturing, constructions and textiles. It has over 100 Kindergartens and primary schools, 15 hospitals and medical centres of excellence, parks, shopping centres and leisure facilities, 5 universities and culture centres: German Culture Centre, British Council, French Institute, Cultural Centre of Latin America and the Carribean. Each year, the city of Iași hosts students from over 80 countries, enrolled in various study programmes (mainly in Medicine). laşi delivers to the labor market 65,000 graduates per year. It has a young population (more than 50% under 40 years old), being a pool of technical engineers and technically skilled professionals. Particularly strong language skills of both management and technical staff: 95% of young Romanians speak English, 47% speak at least one other foreign language and 26% speak 2 foreign languages.