The city of Modena is located in the middle of Po valley in the Emilia-Romagna Region. It is best known for its rich and diversified cuisine, icons such as Enzo Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, and Massimo Bottura, and also for the production of balsamic vinegar. What is more, Modena is an example of a successful institutional and political system and one of the most open and welcoming city in Italy. Today its population, according to 2017 census, is about185.000 inhabitants of which 27.548 are foreigners and represent 14.9% of the resident population. The City of Modena believes in the action plan for implementing, communicating and monitoring SDGs at local level. The cooperation between communities, institutions and international development charities plays a leading role. In particular, through the planned project activities, the City of Modena aims at raising the awareness on issues concerning human rights and peace, environment protection, equal and gender opportunities. Thanks to Shaping fair cities, the City of Modena will focus on Agenda 2030 topic in order to strengthen the dialogue and the debate about development issues at local level.