The Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznań (ROPS in Poznań) in 2021 adapted the 2030 Social Policy Strategy for Wielkopolska Region, where one of the strategic pillars is the development of the services for migrants.


The Regional Centre for Social Policy in Poznan (ROPS in Poznań) is a regional self-governing organization directly accountable to the Wielkopolska Region (Poland) Management board. ROPS in Poznań carries out regional self-government tasks in the field of social policy, particularly in social care. It employs more than 120 employees, most of them are experienced in development of co-financed projects (ESF, ERDF and national and regional sources). ROPS sets of social policies aimed at equalizing the level of life of the Region interacting with various actors in the municipalities and counties. Inspires and promotes new solutions in the field of social welfare, balancing the needs in this area and diagnosing social problems.

Wielkopolska Region is located in west-central Poland: characteristic features of this region are its balanced economic development, high degree of industrialisation, high technological level and openness towards foreign markets. Wielkopolska has also large areas of high-quality agricultural land. Poznań, the capital city of Wielkopolska is the seat of 28 universities including Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Economics, Poznan Technical University and Medical Academy.

ROPS supports the development and implementation of regional strategic plans such as Wielkopolska Region Development Strategy till 2030 and Strategy of Social Policy of Wielkopolska Region till 2030. Within Shaping fair cities project ROPS in Poznań is in charge of the campaign and media actions. ROPS in Poznań has hands on expertise in the field of public participation processes, communication and aware-raising on territorial development issues.