Activities conducted by ROPS in Poznań

Activities conducted by ROPS:

1) 2030 Social Policy Strategy for Wielkopolska Region

The Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznań in 2021 adapted the 2030 Social Policy Strategy for Wielkopolska Region, where one of the strategic pillars is the development of the services for migrants.


2) Educational workshops

Two educational workshops in a frame of Policy Learning Training on Sustainable Development Goals with particular emphasis on a Goal 10.7- facilitate orderly, safe, and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies. Workshops took place on 18th and 25th of July 2019. The purpose of the meetings was to ensure the possibility of implementing a policy of safe and responsible migration and include it in local strategic plans.

Workshop on 18th of July 2019:

Workshop on 25th of July 2019:


3) Summer School

In Wielkopolska Region in 2019 the Summer School “Możesz uczynić świat lepszym – Agenda 2030 (You can make a better world – Agenda 2030)” was conducted. On the first day the five SDG Goals were presented briefly to all the participants: SDG 5, SDG 10.7, SDG 11, SDG 13 and SDG 16. During the following days each group of students worked on the chosen Goal mentioned above during their classes/workshops. At the final day of the Summer School groups presented a project on the particular Goal. One of the modules was about facilitating the integration of migrants in the Region.

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Day 0:

Opening day:

Following days: