Department of Asylum and Integration (DAI)

  • Aims to ensure unrestricted access to the asylum process for foreigners in need of international protection;
  • ensures registration, identification, and monitoring of asylum seekers and of persons who have received a form of protection in Romania;
  • ensures issuance and renewal of identity papers and of travel documents for asylum seekers and for persons who have received a form of protection;
  • establishes which member state is responsible for examining an asylum application under the DUBLIN procedure;
  • processes applications for asylum in the administrative phase
  • researches and provides necessary information from countries of origin in order to solve the asylum applications;
  • ensures the legal representation of the interests of the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) in cases that concern asylum procedures;
  • provides accommodation as well as material and financial assistance to asylum seekers who have no means of support; provides counselling, medical care, etc to asylum seekers;
  • assists in integration of people who have been granted a form of protection;
  • provides assistance, support and guidance to integrate foreigners with a legal right to stay in Romania;
  • prepares and implements refugee resettlement operations in Romania;
  • ensures the coordination and implementation of activities run in collaboration with the Center for urgent relocation in Timisoara according to the Agreement in this respect between the Romanian Government, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration.
  • collaborates with International Organisations and NGOs specialising in this field in order to coordinate the assistance offered by these, based on the principle of complementarity and in compliance with the standards regarding asylum as stipulated by the national, communitarian and international legislation.

The reception, registering and processing of asylum applications, providing assistance to asylum seekers during the process, and assistance for integration take place at regional Centres for accommodation and procedures for asylum seekers located in Bucureşti, Giurgiu, Timişoara, Galaţi, Rădăuţi şi Maramureş, which are territorial structures specialised in asylum issues.