Studi sulle migrazioni https://dsps.unibo.it/it/ricerca/centri-di-ricerca/miglab-studi-sulle-migrazioni-1

MigLab – Studies on Migration stems from the need to explore and study the phenomenon of migration using an interdisciplinary approach, so as to reflect its rich interconnections and articulations. Its main objective is to stimulate and develop interdisciplinary studies on migration by sharing knowledge and research on this vast topic. Born within the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna, MigLab aims to extend collaborations within and beyond the Department in order to provide more interpretations on migration for an informed debate. Using a multidisciplinary perspective, MigLab analyses and promotes the study of voluntary and forced migration at 360° degrees through periodic and volume publications, training and research initiatives, as well as through participation in European calls for tenders and research projects. MigLab also offers its newsletters as a platform to disseminate information about contributions and events on migration issues.

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