Regional Centres of General Inspectorate for Immigration

Enrolment in the integration programme:

Submission of applications for entry into the integration programme is compulsory at the headquarters of the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

The steps to join the integration programme (PI):

  • submit the application within 30 days of acquiring a form of protection;
  • make an appointment for an interview to assess individual needs within 5 working days of receipt of entry in the integration programme;
  • conducting an interview to assess individual needs;
  • creating, together with the beneficiary, a plan with steps in the integration process (determining the activities based on needs and resources, setting deadlines for achieving the objectives);
  • the social inquiry which will help determine enrolment in the PI and the accommodation in one of the I.G.I. centres within 30 days from the date of submitting the application for participation in the PI;
  • if conditions were met for enrolment in PI and for accommodation, the next step is drafting of the Protocol, explanation of the beneficiaries’ rights and obligations under the Protocol and the signing of the Protocol by both the beneficiary and the person designated by I.G.I.

The General Inspectorate for Immigration can accommodate in its centres vulnerable people that do not require specialised assistance. For good reasons IGI may agree to extend the integration programme for these persons beyond the one-year limit. Vulnerable people can be accommodated free of charge in centres managed by IGI.

If you benefit from international protection, you are an asylum seeker, or you are a foreign citizen with a residence permit, you can have:

Access to the labour market in Romania:

Access to education in Romania

Access to health care in Romania:

Access to social benefits in Romania:

Identity and travel documents in Romania: